Heard that former REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath has passed away. Way too young at 65, he's certainly had his demons. Well before the HiInfidelity ballad days REO was a  decent band with roots playing the bars in Southern Illinois.

I always thought that Gary was a talent that maybe didn't get the recognition he deserved as REO gained fame for the more pop flavored tunes.

I'd sure have loved to see him play some more bluesy stuff on that Les Paul but here's a song / solo that showcases him fairly well.

Steve over at Anderson Layman's Blog posted some fun with statistics items. Made me think of this favorite from Todd Snider.

If you're not familiar with Todd Snider I suggest doing something to remedy that, check out any of his live releases for a fantastic mix of stories and songs, some humorous, some heartfelt, all worth a listen.