John Lennon 1940-1980

Each and every December 8th I marvel at how long ago we lost John Lennon. Can it really be 29 years? I try to do something to commemorate the day and share something which reminds me of John.

This year I’m having a lot of trouble. Perhaps it is because I’ve reached and now surpassed the age he was when he was killed.  Each year is a brutal reminder of just how how much more life he had to live, how many more years his family lives without him, and the music and art that never will be.

I’ve had many occasions to visit New York and spend time in the Strawberry Fields Memorial area of Central Park, including the 10th year anniversary of his death.  Strawberry Fields is such a wonderful place, just steps away the busy Central Park West and The Dakota. It’s a place for a shared knowing nod between fans, a musician playing Beatles tunes on the guitar or saxophone, and a quiet place to reflect.  A nearby mosaic displays a single word – Imagine.

It’s easy to share a video or to quote John on a day like today. He wrote personal and reflective songs and he examined his life and the world in which we live. “In My Life”, “Watching The Wheels”, “God” and others are full of tidy little snippets that can be pulled out and used to try to express just how we feel about John, his life and the loss.

But perhaps it isn’t John’s words that we should be using. This year I thought I would share a quote from Yoko instead:

“He was my husband, he was my lover.
He was my friend.
He was my partner.”

Today is a day a lot of us ponder a loss, a loss that despite being part of a shared experience is unique to each one of us. A loss that represents different things to everyone – a husband, father, celebrity, our youth or innocence.

I’ll be in mourning today – but I’ll also try to take a moment to ponder a future – to “Imagine”

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