Who Says I Need To Set My Clocks Forward

Apparently last night was the all important time of year when we are supposed to Spring Ahead and set our clocks forward one hour.

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I was thinking though, who is that can tell me that I should give up an hour of my life? I’m very busy and really just don’t have it to spare right now. Sure, a little bit of extra sunlight in the day is nice but nature really takes care of that quite nicely this time of year.

So I think I’ve decided not to adjust my clocks for Daylight Savings Time this year. That’s right – if Arizona and Hawaii can do it, so can I. So while the rest of the Central Time Zone moves to CDT I’ll remain on CST – or what I’m calling Central Scott Time.

Sure – it’s going to be confusing, I’m likely going to be late for everything, and I don’t think Gina is too keen on the idea but I say – what the hell. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I think this experiment is going to be so successful that the rest of the world will come around later in the year and realize what a waste of time (literally) it is and take that hour right back again. Want to bet?

4 thoughts on “Who Says I Need To Set My Clocks Forward”

  1. Ha, I think you may be on to something. We did the whole clock changing thing, but just to spite the time gods we decided to do absolutely nothing today. We’ll take our time when we feel like it, thank you very much!

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