A big thanks to Nicholas Bate for the linkage today – I hope that while you new folks were here you found something else enjoyable.

This reminds me that I really am remiss in not recognizing more often a small group of bloggers who I really enjoy and who also seem to have latched on to something they like here to the point of occasionally linking to me. These guys really are on my shortlist of blogs that I do make a point of reading each and every day.

Individually each of them is interesting – collectively they really are all that you need to know about everything. To even be on the radar of these fine folks is just an honor really.

So go forth and read, enjoy and subscribe to these:

Nicholas BateBusiness of LIfe + Life of Business

ExecupunditCommentary by Michael Wade on Leadership, Ethics, Management, and Life

Eclecticity – No tag line but only because it can’t be described in a single sentence.

Cultural Offering – Kurt offers does a great mix of business, politics, music and more.

Thanks guys – you keep writing and I’ll keep reading.


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