We are so quick to be outraged. We want to be outraged. We live for the outrage. It can be a  tweet, a headline, a facebook status, it doesn’t really matter. We see our friends post it and assume someone must have actually looked into it, verified it, actually read more, maybe even have done a cursory snopes search.

So we just hit share, we add our own bit of outrage and send it along to others so they can also be outraged. Tiny bits of information, truth or otherwise, flitter around until they become a tornado, leaving a devastating trail of destruction and misinformation in their wake.

I for one am outraged at all this outrage.

Photo via – CC 2.0

2 thoughts on “Outrage”

  1. This is completely outrageous! I’m going to share with my friends…we’ll show you about outrage!!!

  2. How dare you say these things!! I am the sweetest, kindest, most open-minded person I know. Where’s your proof? Where’s your evidence? I can’t wait to share this ‘cuz the more I think about this the more outrageous I become!

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