How Much Longer

So, a question, to my fellow male nerds:

What the fuck is wrong with us?

How much longer are we going to be in denial that there’s a thing called “rape culture” and we ought to do something about it?

Arthur Chu – Your Princess Is in Another Castle

It’s not just nerds, it’s men, it’s everyone. It’s got to start right now.

One thought on “How Much Longer”

  1. I would appreciate it if people could just be kind to one another. All people to all people – regardless of gender. No more bullying. No more aggression. No more controlling. No more predatory behavior. No more violence. Such a simple concept yet so elusive in the reality of our attitudes and actions toward one another. Like any human rights violation, this faulty mindset is cultivated from birth and so the proper concepts can likewise be fostered from early in life as well. As for those who are already so afflicted, they must be informed in no uncertain terms that the times they are a-changin’ and that these attitudes will not be accepted, tolerated or go unchallenged. Let’s all grow up and be better people who lift up and respect rather than degrade and defile one another.

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