Confrontation – Tangerine Dream

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Wow, I hadn’t thought of this song in years but it popped in to my head today for an unknown reason. After first hearing it in the movie “Thief” I bought the soundtrack and used to put this on mix tapes and other compilations because it’s such a great song. Tangerine Dream has done a bunch of movie music in addition to their other regular recordings and if you’re not familiar with their work I highly recommend checking them out.

The song is very Floydian for sure, the guitar tone reminiscent of “Comfortably Numb” but there’s something unique and soaring about the song which made it a favorite.

I was reading that this song wasn’t included on some reissues of the soundtrack so be mindful if you pick up a copy. I still have my original vinyl – must dig it out and give this a proper spin soon.

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