Things Change

So we were here – but things change.

A day or so after my last update, and 3 weeks before my scheduled surgery, I experienced some intestinal trouble which led me to the emergency room, prompting full surgery to remove the tumor and to resolve the perforated diverticulitis.

During the hospital stay I had some additional tests including a CT scan of my chest. This led to the discovery of a spot between my lungs that couldn’t be identified. I’m scheduled to have a PET scan next week to determine what this might be.

It appears that Chemotherapy is likely so with the Chemo and the followup intestinal surgery I’m looking at about a full year of days I need to get through before this is ultimately and hopefully resolved. I’m scared but I have faith in my doctors and with my lovely and wonderful wife Gina am confident we’ll get through this.

More as I know it.

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