I’m Feeling Bionic

One of the things that is happening because of my cancer diagnosis is that I’ll be undergoing chemotherapy treatments. To facilitate this I just had minor surgery to install a catheter port – but not just any port. This is the Power Port!

Unlike other technology, I can’t talk too much about the features and benefits of such a device over others but it is interesting to me to see how such a device is marketed and branded. Apparently this one is the gold standard.

This port will allow me to receive the chemo treatments directly though the port, bypassing the smaller veins that would be damaged by the chemicals. It allows faster throughput and can be used for other IV purposes which will come in handy for my reattachment surgery later this year.

It’s odd to think about this device being implanted in to my body and I feel sort of bionic or borg-like with what looks like an ethernet port in my chest.

I feel pretty good for now. The incision from my first surgery is nearly healed, the tumor is gone, and I am symptom free. The chemo will mess me up I’m sure but it’s a necessary evil to keep the cancer from recurring.

I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress as things progress.

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