While I am the only one who posts content to this site, there are a number of people who have made substantial contribution to it, even if they aren’t aware of it.  I wish to provide complete transparency to all such contributions and give credit to those folks whose work has been used here.

I make every effort to use only items that are properly licensed for the purposes of which I use them, this includes giving proper attribution in accordance with Creative Commons licensing. In the posts themselves I will always disclose the source of all content if known.


I’ve been collecting quotes from various / miscellaneous sites for ages but for the purpose of collecting some for use on this site the Wikiquote project has been invaluable.

Site Hosting:

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This site (as well as all of the others that I operate) run very nicely on the RackSpace Cloud.

Site Platform:

This site was created using the WordPress Blog and CMS Platform. I don’t always like it but it’s working well for this purpose.

Site Statistics:

Clicky Web Analytics

I am a huge fan of the GetClicky Web Stats Service. Very detailed and real time. If you click through here and sign up, I get a small commission.

General Inspiration:

My wife Gina is a constant inspiration to me and everything that I do. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her.

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