The Snow Guy

So this is how our conversation with our local snow removal guy went the other day:

Us: “Yeah – we do need it. How much will you charge?”

Him: “How much did I charge you last time?”

Us: “I think it was $25”

Him: looking around… “It’s a lot of snow”

Us: “So um.. $30?”

Him: “That’s ok, I’ll do it for $20”

Us: “um..”

So we leave him to his shoveling and he’s out there for an hour, all by hand, and there’s a boatload of snow, and we feel bad, so we write him a check for $40

Us: handing him the check “Here you go – thanks so much”

Him: “You didn’t have to do that”

Us: “no no, thank you so much, you were out there a long time”

Him: “I’ll tell you what, next time it snows a lot I’ll come by and do it again for you no charge”

Us: “um”

So the next day we looked out and he’s there doing a second round and clearing the next 5-6 inches we got the night before. If I thought I could get him to take it, I’d offer him a few more bucks…

Thanks so much David. I don’t understand, but thanks.