On To the Heart of the Sunrise

I was saddened to wake up this morning to the news that Chris Squire has passed. The only constant member of Yes, Chris was famous for his intricate bass lines, all expertly played on that ubiquitous Rickenbacker.

There will be no shortage of videos posted today displaying his work with Yes, I thought I would share something different and give you a couple favorites from his 1975 solo album A Fish Out of Water.

I’ve felt him literally shake stadiums, the world definitely lost some thunder today. You will be missed Chris.

And You And I

I had the chance to see Yes on this tour and it was a great show indeed. A return to ‘in the round’ and a lineup that brought together a couple different eras of the band. For me seeing Bill Bruford play drums was magical. The Union album was atrocious but boy did they pull it together for these shows.

It’s ok Gina, you don’t need to click through for this one.